When you cut the antibiotics in half,
Don’t forget to blunt the ends before swallowing.


Term 1 • Year 1 Bristol Med School | Reflection

  • The mock anatomy spot test was better than expected, but that isn’t to say it was easy. Plus, I had fun. Too many flashbacks of the senior maths challenge when having to draw a straight line through the bracketed letters, and of those SAT summer classes I took centuries ago when I had no geographical preference about university (until I realized the US vs UK difference; now I’m in Bristol).
  • I can finally put an anatomical term to those creepy figurines with abnormal body part sizes seen in every science museum ever: homunculus. Phew. What a word. I definitely glossed over that word on placards.
Homunculus. Just if you needed a reference. Kinda regretting putting it on because I didn’t realise it would be so large… (Image courtesy: Front_of_Sensory_Homunculus.gif)
  • Also, when I look at people attempting duck-face for a selfie, all I can think is, “LOL nice work obicularis oris gr8 job”
  • Rocotillo’s milkshakes are incredibly divine (but frown upon student funds), and I hate how it is less than 250m away from me. So, so tasty. Mmmmmmm.
  • Will’s Memorial Library + “The Imitation Game” soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat + “The Theory of Everything” soundtrack by Jóhann Jóhannsson + late-night anatomy revision = a productivity arising from new-found motivation, because you realize there are bigger things in life you can accomplish by succeeding the upcoming obstacle.
  • It’s hard to find people to eat out with, because money will be a pertinent issue with students. But then again, I guess I can afford it because I’m a bit of a loner who spends money on food & experiences >>>>>>> alcohol & clubbing.
  • The Great British Bake-Off had some outrageous drama and apparently that’s major with all the British kids. And I’m still enthralled by X Factor because I’ve never kept up with any TV show in my life and this is all new to me, so it’s a guilty pleasure because I never grew up with Simon Cowell on TV.
  • Bristol is a very hipster town (apparently). I don’t really see it, or maybe because I feel Bristol is exactly as how I’d like it to be. “Raise the Bar” do fantastic slam poetry events, original Banksy artwork is all over town, I’ve seen enough shops that have plentiful vegan options, and the vinyl shops stock John William records including “Revenge of the Sith” which I was tempted to buy but realized I didn’t have a vinyl record player.
  • Speaking of “Revenge of the Sith”, I will definitely be making a post about “Rogue One”, because I don’t care about those people who passed out negative reviews due to lack of lightsaber battles to satisfy their sad little George Lucas inner 1970 child.
  • Dough balls from Pizza Express is…a thing. We don’t get those in Thailand. We get something similar, but everything is just so English here I cannot help but make a clear distinction of “Thailand VS England” when there really isn’t. I saw this Facebook event about free snowball dough balls day – what even!? It was quite exciting because I’ve never done anything that infringes upon my education – the shop opened at 11:30am, the biochemistry practical started at 11:30am, the chef comes out with an impending frown and says to come back at 12:00pm, so my friend and I Naruto-run to the Biomedical Sciences Laboratory Building up the hill just in time to put on a lab coat with the rest of the med crew but I am madly perspiring all over the equipment like a sinner in church.


  • P.S. ^ The above is my version of going out to SWX on Friday night.