Happily Unhappy

Like a Snapchat streak,
I have one with suffering.
But I’m doing it meaningfully:
Something with compelling and extraordinary purpose,
Something infinitely greater than existence,


And something certainly not about me.




“Kataware Doki” / “Cheap Thrills” | Piano Mashup

“Kataware Doki” by RADWIMPS – From the beautiful film, “Your Name”. If the soundtrack was a landscape, it’d be the Northern Lights. It is the feeling of your mind exploding with chaos, panic and disorder but simultaneously embodying serenity, tranquility and solitude. This is life, this is kataware doki – broken, fragmented, but a beautiful twilight that is not daylight but not quite nighttime either. Constantly shifting, but unknowingly macroscopically similar. It’s meant to be that way.

“Cheap Thrills” by Sia – Oddly relatable. Easily satiated, but for a darker reason. Forgetting, despite being temporary, gives you a bit of distraction and sometimes that’s everything you need. Human, naked and vulnerable, but being okay about that. Learning.