Microaggressions: You’ve Been Victimised

“Ni hao!” says the random white, middle-aged man, grinning profusely as he leans in much too closely for your liking whilst you’re walking down the street. Sigh. Hands up if this has ever happened to you. This scenario has happened to me multiple times whilst I was abroad – I can guarantee you, every Asian… Read More Microaggressions: You’ve Been Victimised

Eavesdropping In The Check-In Baggage Queue (Heathrow Airport)

Brother & sister, late twenties, Turkish Airlines “I hate Heathrow so much” “I would hate working here” “Gatwick Airport is so much better” “I reckon we’re…2/3 of the way there to check-in”, she says angrily *clearly in the last turn of the queue, just 6 more people away from the counter out of approx 70… Read More Eavesdropping In The Check-In Baggage Queue (Heathrow Airport)