Eavesdropping In The Check-In Baggage Queue (Heathrow Airport)

Brother & sister, late twenties, Turkish Airlines

  • “I hate Heathrow so much”
  • “I would hate working here”
  • “Gatwick Airport is so much better”
  • “I reckon we’re…2/3 of the way there to check-in”, she says angrily *clearly in the last turn of the queue, just 6 more people away from the counter out of approx 70 people in total behind her*
  • “We should’ve gotten coffee after the check-in”
  • “We’re not moving at all”, she complains while pushing her lugggae forward a good 3 meters of space every five seconds
  • “I don’t know who designed the architecture,” he says in disgust
  • “Like clearly organization wasn’t on the agenda,” she replies

Mother, son & daughter, late thirties, approx 8 yrs old & 13 yrs old respectively, unknown airline

  • “Who’s fault was this” mother sternly asks as the luggage falls on the stanchon
  • “It was the luggage’s fault” she daughter replied not so innocently (we all saw you don’t even)
  • “Aren’t you tired mum” the daughter asks watching the mother wheel a trolley stacked with a luggage pyramid
  • “Of course I’m tired what do you think” snaps mother, but upon realizing is in public purses her matte lipstick lips and smiles curtly at people around her despite the fume coming out her ears
  • “MOVE!”, the mother shouts to the son who is literally sleeping on the floor, face-down (unhygienic I kept thinking, but is literally me all the time)
  • P.S. This girl kept staring at me and because her glasses further magnified her eyes it was even more unsettling


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